The changing seasons are beautifully anticipated by many. The trees begin to turn, fall flowers enchant us with their colorful combinations and the summer weeding turns into leaf raking. If you aren't enthused by fall yard work then perhaps some safety reminders are what you need so you don't end the weekend with a headache. Make a plan. Going outside, pulling at weeds, moving some rocks and trimming a bush may feel productive but when you aren't prepared for the work in front of you, you'll actually get less done. Make a quick mental list of what you want to get accomplished, get your tools ready, dress appropriately and then start at the top.

         Weeding may require your gloves, a few select tools and perhaps your padded knee rest to prevent bruising and discomfort while kneeling. Each task requires different tools, so ready yourself to prevent injury and work your way through that list. Don't overdo it. If the expectation is that you'll get your entire yard weeded, mulched, planted and raked all in one day, then you should plan on some help from the national guard. Even if you have a small yard, so many manual tasks are very time consuming and require a lot of energy and time. Pace yourself and plan on more than one day to get even a small yard ready for fall. Rest. While you may be partaking in a working weekend, you should still take breaks throughout your weeding, raking and planting. Fatigue is often a precursor toback or neck pain.

        An injury may sneak up on you when you aren't being careful and in a hurry to finish up. Take short breaks to sit, hydrate and eat throughout your yard work. This can help to avoid injury, muscle strain and just plain over-tiredness. You may be enjoying the changing seasons from a different perspective, with your hands in the dirt and your feet on the ground. Don't forget to indulge with family and friends in all of those activities that make fall so fun. Lasting memories are more important than finished yard work but both can be accomplished with some extra hands and a little planning.
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