Benjamin B.
It is with great feelings of appreciation for assisting my body to heal itself, not just once, but on numerous occasions, that I would like to formally thank you for being so accommodating and finding time to fit me into your busy schedule when I needed you most.  I thank you for introducing me to foot orthotics that have helped relieve my back pain by improving my posture.  I greatly appreciate you making my visits very pleasant in the way that you deal with me as a person; not just another “patient.”  If I were to meet anybody that was looking for a chiropractor, I would strongly recommend they go to your practice as you are someone that is very knowledgeable, thorough, reliable and very consistent with your scheduled appointment times.  Thank you!

Rachel M.
Dr. Samuels is my regular chiropractor. When I got tendinitis in my right arm, I thought I needed a Physical Therapist, so I tried someone with that expertise. I left the PT angry and frustrated and then called Dr. Samuels. He saw me that afternoon and literally after his evaluating my range of motion through certain arm exercises, I was able to finally use my arm. Add an adjusted neck and some ultrasound to the shoulder area and I felt 100% better. Going back in a few days for another treatment. Dr. Samuels was the most effective treatment for this painful condition that I suffered with nearly a week...I had tried massage and acupuncture. Never underestimate a good chiropractor!

Leila T.
I cannot thank Dr. Samuels enough for solving the mystery of my intolerable shooting pain. Other doctors (including my husband who is quadruple board certified) had looked at the x-rays, but he was the only one to think outside of the box and correctly diagnose what the cause of my suffering was. He took the time to research my problem and to help me find instant relief. Besides his medical skills, it is his kindness and genuine concern that makes him truly exceptional. Dr. Samuels should be commended for his talent and compassion!

L.G.  Brooklyn, NY
I was in so much pain and Dr. Samuels was kind enough to let me come in for a quick adjustment as I was passing through Baltimore even though it was after 10pm!  After leaving his office I realized that I hadn't felt that much pain relief in almost a decade.  I highly recommend Dr. Samuels, and this is coming from someone who has been a patient to many chiropractors in several states over the years.  Not only is he great at what he does, but he is also professional and pleasant to deal with and genuinely cares about his patients.

Daniel G.
Dr. Samuels is a warm and caring doctor looking to really improve the well-being of his patients. He takes the time to truly understand your problems and help you improve. I have been to him for bad posture, back pain, and leg and knee injuries. He has also treated my wife for back pain. Each time we have walked away feeling good in both a physical and emotional way. In addition, Dr. Samuels' new office has state of the art equipment including an amazing massage chair.   

Shira Y.
Dr Samuels has helped me so much with my TMJ. I had gone to various specialists who prescribed many different regimens which I followed conscientiously for months, yet the pain was still prevalent. Once I began to see Dr Samuels, I finally felt relief after so long! He is professional, punctual, and very kind and friendly. He referred me to the right people to help me with my pain and made sure I was taken care of. He also makes sure to accommodate me despite his schedule. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he really cares to ease people's pain. If you are looking for a chiropractor who knows what he is doing and treats patients nicely. Dr Samuels is the chiropractor to call! 

GW ‎
Dr. Samuels has proven time and again that he will go above and beyond when offering his care and service. He is flexible, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping his patients. I continue to see him and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Anna B. ‎
I am very impressed with Dr Samuels. The treatment offered is very personal and sensitive and they really care for your well-being. The methods of treatment are top of the line and are very effective! I highly recommend this practice!

ML ‎
I highly recommend Dr. Samuels. He is a consummate professional, very knowledgeable, experienced, caring and has exceptional attention to detail. He has been able to help me whenever I've been in need and I know that he is sought after in his community.

Karen YB
Dr. Samuels is a very conscientious, caring and talented Chiropractor. I am very pleased with the level of care I have received, as well as the knowledge exhibited by Dr. Samuels. In any emergency, he has always found a way to fit me in to make sure I don't suffer needlessly. I recommend his services to you with the highest regards.

CB ‎
Dr. Samuels is a very caring doctor. He takes the time to understand your problem and he really knows what he is doing. I don't know where I would be without him. He is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. I highly recommend Samuels Chiropractic to anyone looking for a chiropractor.